Eyewear 4 Less – Eye Glasses Photography Case Study

Eye Glasses Photography Case Study

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Eyewear4Less is a retailers of high end Eyewear. Their mission is to provide high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses to men and women at a fraction of the price charged by others in the industry. In April 2014, Eyewear4Less was getting close to completing their website and had just received their first shipment of product. Tyler Evans, CEO, was faced with the task of creating high quality product images for the site – a task that turned out to be far more difficult and inefficient than he could have ever imagined. “We had purchased a camera, a couple lights and Adobe Photoshop © based on some feedback from a photographer friend” says Tyler. He continues “Creating high quality images turned out to be extremely difficult. Not to mention, the amount time and effort being spent trying to edit these images to get a useable result was unfeasible.

Tyler thought there must be a better way and after a short information search, he stumbled upon Shutter Stream – Product Photography Software. “I had watched a YouTube video that communicated Shutter Stream for Sunglasses Photography and the process looked really simple and quick – almost too good to be true!” Eyewear4Less moved forward with a purchase of Shutter Stream with the safety of a full satisfaction guarantee. From here on, there was no looking back.

Before using Shutter Stream, Tyler was capturing images to an SD card, often shooting a couple images at each angle to ensure for correct exposure, uploading a set of images to the computer, sorting the good results from the poor, importing into Photoshop, and then manually cutting images onto pure white backgrounds.

Shutter Stream re-defined Tyler’s product photography workflow and allowed him to significantly cut down on process time. “I went from my old workflow that was very fragmented and averaged out to about 7 minutes per image to using Shutter Stream to create web ready results (at better quality) with pure white backgrounds in less than 30 seconds per image.”

Shutter Stream integrates image capture, editing and processing tools into a single stand along application so that users are able to control the entire imaging process from taking photos to resizing, renaming and output. Many Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Features included in the image capture tools (Adjusting Camera Settings, Live Preview, Exposure Simulation and Image Overlay) makes creating high quality images simple for users regardless of experience. As images are captured, they are instantly uploaded into the program so users can batch edit, resize, rename and output results – this can all be done in a single click using previously created profiles. “By creating better quality images in the first place, I was able to use the batch editing tools in Shutter Stream to achieve product images with pure white backgrounds in a single click.” Tyler says. He adds, “Shutter Stream has been an indispensable tool that has saved me a lot of time and effort – allowing me to focus on other important aspects of the website launch.”

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software has proven to be an invaluable tool to Eyewear4Less by saving them time while enabling better quality results. To find out more about how Shutter Stream Product Photography Software will work for your business, please visit the Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Overview Page.