CaratsDirect2U - eCommerce Product Photography Case Study

CaratsDirect2U is a trusted Diamond Jeweler. Three generations ago this family enterprise began as diamond manufacturers. Since then, they have expanded to include high end and unique diamond jewelry pieces.

CaratsDirect2U is known for its large inventory of diamond jewelry. They offer good craftsmanship, high end service and quick shipping. Their collections include: loose diamonds, engagement rings, diamond stud earrings and tennis bracelets. They also feature Kite Star Jewelry and Diamond Flower Pendants. They feature a unique collection of color treated loose diamonds which are offered in a variety of shapes and various hues of blue, green and yellow.

CaratsDirect2U has partnered with many leading online retailers such as: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, NewEgg, Tradsey and Esty. As their business expanded, the CaratsDirect2U eCommerce team realized that they needed a way to provide their customers with an opportunity to view their collections online. Therefore, the CEO of CaratsDirect2U, Eli Lev, needed to offer customers high quality photos and videos which would showcase in detail their beautiful items of jewelry. Shutter Stream provided the software that would enable customers to view items as they came out of production.

Caratsdirect2u: eCommerce Product Photography Case Study

Problem: Find a Better, More Efficient Way to Create High Quality eCommerce Product Photography

A major challenge for eCommerce brands and retailers is to find a fast and easy way to create high quality product photography. This was the case for CaratsDirect2U.

In July 2014, Eli Lev, the CEO, researched in-house product photography tools and found Iconasys – a developer of product photography automation software and 360 product photography turntables that enable users of any skill level to create high quality results. Eli had tested a few solutions and after diligent research he decided that Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software would be a perfect fit for their eCommerce product photography requirements. Shutter Stream 360 software, could be used in conjunction with their existing camera, turntable and studio lighting and  would help streamline their in-house still and 360 product photography workflows.

and allow the company to grow to its next level by allowing it to take 360 degree pictures quickly and efficiently.

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Significantly increasing efficiencies in our product photography was a game changer for our business!
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Eli Lev - CaratsDirect2U

Better Quality Product Photography in a Fraction of the Time

Since CaratsDirect2U are constantly updating new jewelry collections, a solution was needed which would eliminate the need for professional photographers without compromising on the quality of the product images. Therefore, the office staff including Eli Lev, the CEO, needed to be able to take the high-quality product photos themselves in order to market their items and display them online.

Their old process of taking photos was very laborious and involved the use of a memory card in order to store the photos on the computer. They then had to remove the memory card from the camera and transfer it back into the computer while keeping track of which photo belongs to what item. This was a very time-consuming process.

With Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software, CaratsDirect2U were able to take pictures of the jewelry while the camera is connected to the software as well as crop and label the photos before they were saved and stored in their computers.  This more efficient method was a game changer for their business.  The photos from the software are of such high quality that they capture the beauty of the diamonds as well as the pavilions, all of the facets and the imperfections, while showcasing the high quality craftsmanship of the jewelry pieces.

A Better Online Shopping Experience

Since using Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software, CaratsDirect2U has employed high quality still and 360 product photography that allows customers to browse and make an informed purchase decision without the pressure of a salesperson. However, if they want advice from the expert jewelers at CaratsDirect2U they can employ screen sharing and speak directly with a CaratsDirect2U salesperson who can help them with their decision making while comparing actual photo, 360 product views and 360 product videos.


In summary, Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software was very efficient and easy to use for creating both still and 360 product photography. The high quality product images created through the software and was able to help CaratsDirect2U visually merchandise their high-quality jewelry and gemstones effectively.

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