Braun Photographics: 360 Product Photography as a Service

Braun Photographics: 360 Product Photography as a Service

Braun Photographics is a professional photography studio founded by owner/operator Marc Braun. Marc has over 40 years experience in commercial, catalog and editorial photography and in 1992, was the first studio in the USA to go 100% digital.

In 2015, Marc was approached by a potential client interested in creating 360 views of products (auto related products) for selling through O’Reilly Auto Parts.  Marc was asked to produce some samples so he built a temporary table and created a few examples piecing them together in Photoshop.  The client showed an interest in pursuing the project so Marc went online to research what 360 Product Photography Solutions were available in the market.  After reviewing options, Marc decided an Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable and Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software combination was ultimately the best option. Marc purchased his first 360 Product Photography solution from Iconasys in late 2015.

“Overall the Iconasys 360 Turntable & Software is great in all aspects.  I’m able to produce upwards of 50 client ready 360 product views a day”- Marc Braun, CEO Braun Photographics

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Marc’s first client was a manufacturer of automotive engine mounts and O’Rielly Auto had started to request and demand 360 views of products.  The project at hand was to create 360 product views for approximately 2600 sku’s.  It took Marc about a day to get familiar with the turntable and software but once they went into full production we were creating on average 50 complete units a day.  That included capturing the product (24 images/360 rotation were required) and processing them with the included 360 Product View Creator Software.

Once Braun Photographics got into the project, the clients requirements changed.  They not only wanted the 360 product views but also wanted one high resolution image in TIFF format and lower resolution product images of the packaging. Using the ‘Dynamic Save’ tool in the software, it enabled Marc to create each needed element without a problem.  “While I don’t recall the exact time table, I know we had finished the majority of the products within months’ states Marc. He continues,  “When all said and done we had a total of ten full pallets of products in our studio.  Since then we work with the client as new products become available, this generally amounts to between 100-200 new products per year.”

“Image quality using the Shutter Stream 360 Software is exactly were I want it.  For example, the project being done right now has specific requirements.  Each series has to be in jpg format at 300 dpi with a maximum of 1500 pixels in size for at least one dimension.  This is very easy to accomplish using the dynamic export of the program.  In addition to that, I have been able to create profiles that allows me to adjust background colors pure white in a batch process. ”- Marc Braun, CEO Braun Photographics

See some of Braun Photographics 360 Product Photography work here.

Braun Photographic is part of the Iconasys Trusted Professionals Network and offers 360 Product Photography Services