KVibe Case Study: 360 Spin Product Photography as a Service

Kvibe Productions is a content creation service provider who traditionally focused on film, television and commercial programming. In 2018, Kvibe was approached by The Daimler Group (parent company of Mercedes-Benz AG) who were interested in finding a service provider whom could create 360 product spin photography of auto parts. The requirements of the job was high volume, with over 30,000 SKU’s and each part required a consistent & professional 360 product spins with a pure white background. Since their initial entry into 360 product photography, KVibe has been able to attract and on-board many new clients who require 360 product spin photography as a service.

Listen to the 360 Product Images Case Study Interview:

“The return on investment in Iconasys 360 Product Photography Equipment was recouped in just one week”
KVibe Case Study - 360 Product Spin Photography Services
Khoa Le - KVibe Productions

KVibe Productions is part of the Iconasys Trusted Professionals Network and offers 360 Product Photography Services

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