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When asked about why Iconasys: “It’s clear Iconasys is the leader in 360 product photography. The ease of use, speed and functionality through accessories is what made purchasing Iconasys equipment the right decision for me”
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Ron Jacobs - Makanalu & Foto360XS

Listen to the 360 Product Images Case Study Interview:

MakaNalu is an online retailer out of The Netherlands who specializes in unique, handmade surf art and jewelry. Owner Ron Jacobs approached Iconasys in November of 2019 with a need to enhance their online offerings by supplementing their product listings with interactive 360 product images.

Their purchase of an Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable and Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software was sure to deliver and allow for fast and efficient 360 product image creation. In addition, they had purchased LumiPad 360 Lighting Kit, which would allow color-accurate, professional grade 360 product images with pure white backgrounds and a 360 hanging kit, which would allow to easily suspend necklaces when shooting in 360. Last, the integrated Focus Stacking Plugin helped achieve 360 product images that are fully in focus, from front to back.

Since introducing 360 product views in their online listings, Ron Jacobs has received many requests from businesses looking for a 360 product image creation service. This has allowed Ron to start a 2nd business, Foto360XS which specializes in 360 product photography as a service for local businesses in The Netherlands and neighboring countries. If you are in Europe and looking for a trusted service provider who can provide professional 360 product image creation, Foto360XS has you covered.

Foto360XS is part of the Iconasys Trusted Professionals Network and offers 360 Product Photography Services

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