Sony Wireless SDK:

Setting up your compatible camera

Sony Compatible Camera Settings

Users will be required to enable wireless network settings on their Sony camera prior to working with Shutter Stream or Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software.

It is first best to ensure you have the latest firmware version installed on your camera (see instructions here). After installing latest firmware, please follow instructions below:

1. Turn on your camera and go to your Menu Settings and navigate to Application List:

Sony Wireless SDK Camera Settings: 01

2. Click on the Application list and click on ‘Start Remote Embedded’ (also can be called ‘Smart Remote Control’)

Sony Wireless SDK Camera Settings: 02

3. Now a Wireless connection details should appear.

Sony Wireless SDK Camera Settings: 03

4. You will use the given password from Step 3 to connect the Sony camera to your PC.

Sony Wireless SDK Camera Settings: 04

5. After inserting the correct password from your Sony camera with success it should look like this:

Sony Wireless SDK Camera Settings: 05

6. Final step. Enter Shutter Stream and be patient because it needs to find your Sony camera inside the wireless network. This will happen only the first time you connect to your camera.

Sony Wireless Camera SDK: Camera Settings

Now you are successfully connected to your Sony camera and ready to take photos.

*Sony cameras are controlled via wireless communication (over wireless network) and do not support camera settings adjustments  via software (Shutter Speed/Aperture/ISO/White Balance) – these setting must be changed physically on the camera at which time exposure simulation will be adjusted. Sony cameras also don’t support manual focal point adjustment via software nor video capture mode. These are all limitations directly from the Sony software developers kit.

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