Sony Wired SDK:

Setting up your compatible camera

Getting Started with your Sony Camera: Set-up

Sony cameras supported by the wired SDK include: Alpha α7S III, Alpha a7R IV, Alpha a9 II, Alpha a7C, Alpha 1 (view most updated list here)

Sony camera control software SDK

Setting up your Sony camera for use with Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is simple and straight forward! Steps are as follows

*We suggest using the latest firmware version on your camera (see instructions here).  This is an optional step however may be required if camera connection issues are caused by outdated firmware.

Camera Setup Instructions for Shutter Stream Remote Capture Software are as follows:

*Be sure to first Clear All Camera Settings in the Menu Options

1. Set the Mode Dial to Manual (M)

2. Set Image Quality to JPG (any image quality – preferably Large should maximum resolution images be preferred) or JPG+RAW should RAW image format be required (note Shutter Stream does not have the ability to Crop RAW images)

3. Set Auto Power Off to Off 

4. Set Lens to Auto Focus (AF switch on Lens). Alternatively should user prefer to physically adjust focal point manually, leave the lens in Manual Focus (MF)

5. Disable any default or autorun or remote capture applications that might take control of your camera when plugged in through USB. These will often compete with the Shutter Stream program and take control of the camera –not allowing Shutter Stream to communicate with the camera.

Windows – Check AutoPlay Settings and set camera default to ‘Ask me Every Time‘ OR ‘Take no Action
Mac – Open iPhoto, go to its Preferences and select Connection camera opens: No application.
Other imaging applications can interfere with camera communication. Please also check these to ensure they are not taking control of your camera.

6. If you have Anti-Virus Software, be sure to white-list Shutter Stream so that it may access your camera

7. Connect camera via USB to computer and Launch the Shutter Stream Software

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