Sony Camera Control Sotware

Updating Sony Camera Firmware

Users will want to update Sony camera with the latest firmware and Smart Remote Control application:

Update firmware:

1. Go toSony eSupport Website and select your camera model with the version number (Ex: ILCE-7) and press ‘Go’:

Sony camera firmware update 01

2. After you select your camera model it should take you to the official downloads page of your camera model. Check if you have the latest firmware installed. If not, you will want to upgrade your firmware version. Click the ‘Download Instructions’ blue button on the camera page and follow instructions provided from Sony.

Sony camera firmware update 02

Update Smart Remote Control Application (steps via USB connection)

1. Go to 'Sony Smart Remote Control' page

Sony camera firmware update 03

2. Click on ‘Verify whether the application is compatible with your camera’. Please consider the fact that you need to connect your Sony camera first to your computer/laptop using a USB cable:

3. Click on ‘Verify Connection’. After the connection between your camera and computer is successful, it should redirect you to the log-in page. Insert your credentials (email and password) and then the update process will start

Sony camera firmware update 04

Update Smart Remote Control Application (steps via Wireless connection)

1. Go to your camera Menu > select the Wifi menu tab and click on the Access Point Set. Here you select your personal wifi access point

Sony camera firmware update 05

2. After you connected to your wifi, go to Menu -> ApplicationList menu tab and select PlayMemories Camera Apps. Here is a list of applications provided by Sony

Sony camera firmware update 06

3. Find the Smart Remote Control application and click the Update button. You will be prompted to the Sony’s login page -> Insert your credentials and then update your application.

Sony camera firmware update 07

After updating camera firmware (if required), please return to Sony compatible camera setting page for steps to connect camera to Shutter Stream software.

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