Canon Camera Control Software: EOS RP

Please follow the steps below for setting up your compatible Canon camera prior to working with Shutter Stream Product Photography Software.

Canon EOS RP Camera Type

Canon EOS RP: Camera Control Software

Additional Camera Information:

Live View Exposure Simulation: Yes

Live View Window Size: Max 960 x 640px

Camera Settings Control: Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, ISO, Manual Focal Point Adjustment

Product Info: User Guide and Additional Information can be found on the manufacturers website: see here

*Be sure to first Clear All Camera Settings in the Menu Options

1. Set the Mode Dial to Manual (M)

camera mode dial

2. Set Image Quality to JPG (any image quality – preferably Large should maximum resolution images be preferred) or JPG+RAW should RAW image format be required (note Shutter Stream does not have the ability to Crop RAW images)

3. Set Auto Power Off to Off (required)

4. Set Auto Rotate to Off (required)

5. Set Lens to Auto Focus (AF switch on Lens). Alternatively should user prefer to physically adjust focal point manually, leave the lens in Manual Focus (MF). Disable Image Stabilization

6. Set AF Point Selection to Automatic Selection (not required)

7. Remove the cameras SD/CF memory card

8. Set Release shutter without card to On or Enable (required)

9. Set Live View shooting AF mode to Quick mode or Live mode (but not face detection mode).

10. Set Exposure Simulation to Enable

11. Set Cropping/Aspect Ratio to Full

12. Turn Off cameras Wifi Connection

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