Why it’s Time to Move on 360° Product Photography

Learn about the Benefits of 360° Product Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – this holds especially true in the case of communicating visually online. At Iconasys, we have operated in the eCommerce and website imaging space for a combined 80+ years and understand the value of high quality images. It is too often we see online retailers and websites not providing enough visual information which is almost certainly a setback to conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Insert 360° Product Photography – one of the hottest trends in eCommerce product photography. By going 360, you can take visual communication to the next level by introducing a new experience to consumers, one that provides consumers the ability to view products at their own discretion (from any angle) and interact with the image in a click and drag manner. Consumers of various kinds of products can now get a clear-cut and defining experience of what they intend to purchase through 360° Product Photography. The application of 360° Product Photography has a number of critical advantages to a business. These include:

360 Product Photography Increases Conversion Rates

Adopting 360° product photography will most likely lead to higher rates of conversion. In previous studies, it has proven increased conversion rates from about 2% up to, in some rare cases, as much as 18%.

In many real world examples, consumers end up having a great deal of uncertainty of whether the product they intend to purchase is right for them when product images are limited. It is clear this will negatively affect conversion rates. 360° Product Photography doesn’t just provide users the ability to rotate and view the product from any angle, it also can support deep zoom at any given angle – providing a new customer experience based on image interaction. By eliminating doubt and uncertainty about the product of interest, conversion rates will be affected in a positive manner.

360 Product View: Apple Watch 3

360 Product Photography Decreases Product Returns

In addition to a positive impact on conversions, 360° product photography helps in reducing returns which historically in eCommerce, tend to be quite high. These not only cost the seller in restocking fees but also in many cases, eating shipping costs. Buyers can also lose in the transaction by having to cover return shipping fees (which is also a hesitation to make the purchase in the first place). By providing 360° product views, buyers will have a very clear view of the desired product; hence it will be highly unlikely for them to make returns due to unmet visual expectations.

360 Product Photography Provides a Competitive Edge

Providing the latest technology for imaging is among one the easiest and most affordable ways to distinguishing yourself from the competition. Your clients will also recieve a more fulfilling experience when shopping in your online store. This could very easily win them over, ensuring they make return visits to your store. Presenting your products in 360° will provide a significant edge within your niche in competitive terms.

View in 360 at any Angle at High-Resolution 

An elaborate process of creativity is involved in 360° product photography. In general, we suggest 48-72 images for executing standard product rotation in 360°. These files can be output in high resolution to support deep zoom in the 360° product image. In addition to the 360° view output, each individual product image may be employed for alternative applications which include still product images on your site, print catalogs, and other marketing materials. This implies that a business owner has a wide range of options to choose from at times when looking for an individual image of a product. This brings an immense advantage, compared to standard product photography in which one only gets a single or two images at most of each product, yet many times requires the same amount of effort.

360° product photography makes the process of product visualization prior to purchase faster and more effective. In particular, it enables customers to take note of every desirable detail when making a purchase decision. This makes 360° product photography a great advantage to both businesses and consumers.

Why 360 Product Photography Conclusion

Iconasys is a leading provider of 360° Product Photography Turntables and Software. We have multiple different solutions available that are sure to fit anyone’s budget and allow users to easily and efficiently create high quality 360° results – regardless of experience. For additional information on a solution that would be perfect for you, please see all 360 product photography software options

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