Shutter Stream Product Photography Software 6.1 Release

New Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Release

We continually strive to develop and deliver to our customers the fastest, easiest and most professional product photography software products available. We are especially excited about our latest release of Shutter Stream Product Photography Software (includes Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software). We have enhanced performance, added support for the latest & greatest cameras from Canon & Nikon, added wireless support for iPhone and Android (along with a mobile app), updated operating system support for the latest Mac OSX 10.14 and added a plethora of other tools, features and functionality. These latest additions are designed to enable customers to create better quality images while saving time & effort.

New Camera Support:

  • Canon: EOS 2000D (Rebel T7) / EOS 4000D (Rebel T100) / *EOS M50 / *EOS M100 / *EOS R
  • Nikon: D850 / *Z6 / *Z7
  • iPhone
  • Android
    *mirrorless cameras

New Operating System Support:

  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave
  • Windows: Now x64 (64 bit), dropped x86 (32 bit)

Performance Updates:

  • Improved image processing pipeline speed by 25%-30%. Memory usage in the processing pipeline now uses ping-pong memory to maximize memory reuse and to minimize memory creation and destruction.

Image Editing Tools Update

  • Auto Apply Background Removal: Allows users to auto apply background removal (using reference image) to an image immediately after capture.
  • Speck Removal: Allows users to remove small non-transparent regions. This works in conjunction with hole filling.
  • Mask Growing: Grow the mask region (background selection region) by a defined number of pixels.
  • Contiguous Constraint: When enabled, will only select pixels that are touching or connected. This will prevent the Background Removal Tool from removing pixels in the center of a product. When deselected, if the background image has a similar color pixel (within defined tolerance), this pixel will be removed from within the product.
  • Magic Wand Tool: Select and remove pixels based off tone and color. This has also replaced background removal using a Solid Color. Includes Edge Sensitivity, Threshold, Contiguous Constraint, Non-contiguous, Mask Selection, Hole Fill, Speck Removal, Mask Growing & Edge Blending. Can be applied to a single image or multiple images in a batch process. This is a great tool that will allow for Background Removal without using a reference image.
  • Support for Imported Image Types: Includes RGB and RGBA image types (shows transparency in RGBA images)
  • BR can now be applied multiple times to same image, with the option of keeping the BR dialog opened as multiple BRs are applied sequentially
  • Alignment: Overlay a set of images over top of one another. To be used with Crop tool in Image Editing mode.
  • Pointer / Select Tool: Added as a way to escape from other tools, such as lasso.
  • Keyboard: M for Magic Wand, V for Pointer Tool, Delete for lasso tool (see below)
  • Lasso Tool: Now includes Edge Smoothing option
  • Lasso Tool: Now include Alpha custom option allowing users to adjust opacity level of the selection area.
  • Lasso Tool: After area has been selected, Delete (keyboard shortcut) will auto apply previously used Lasso settings. Right click will open the Lasso settings window
  • Lasso Tool: Remembers the previously used option
  • Transform Tool: An arbitrary rotation tool that allows users to rotate an image by X.X degrees CW/CCW (i.e. non-90-degree multiples).
  • Changed center points of Hue, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation to be values of 0
  • Added support for setting the output background color for transform algorithms, which include: de-wobbler, add canvas and rotation.
  • Added support for arbitrary alpha transparency when applying a lasso cut.
  • Add Frame during 360 Shooting: Works with Iconasys turntable shooting mode. Users can pause the 360 shooting mode at any point to add additional frames in the image sequence – then resume 360 shooting.
  • Auto Transfer: Send image sets directly to the 360 View Creator Software using Image Transfer Tool.
  • Auto 360 Video Mode: Synchronize video capture with Iconasys turntable movement to capture precise 360 videos.
  • Object Centering/Positioning: Use the Nudge tool to move turntable with mi.cro movements
  • Ability to shoot >10,000 frames/360 with Iconasys Platinum Series Turntables
  • Added floats to custom angles and nudge spin boxes, to allow non-integer rotation angles. This increases accuracy and precision when using high counts stepper tables, such as the Platinum series.

Additional Shutter Stream Software Features

(features also included in Shutter Stream 360)

  • Expand Live View Window Size: Allows users to expand live view window size by 2X or 3X (good option for higher resolution monitors)
  • Live View Grid Lines: Ability to add up to 36 horizontal and 36 vertical lines, and ability to adjust color of grid lines. Designed to help positon object correctly and level camera.
  • Auto Select Image After Capture: Enable this feature (in Live View Options) to auto select (checkbox) image after capture.
  • Import Image Overlay: Users can now import images into the Image Overlay tool
  • Add Background to Alpha Output: Users can upload then choose to use a background image during output. This will work for images that have had their backgrounds removed to transparent (alpha channel)
  • Tethered Shooting Mode: Designed to work with both Canon and Nikon cameras, users can capture images manually with camera by using the Shutter button on the camera (live view must be set to off). As image(s) are captured, they are uploaded into the software.
  • RAW + PNG Save Option in Batch Save: Users are no longer required to use Dynamic Save tool to output PNG and RAW image format. This can also now be done in Batch Saving
  • Directories Watcher: Link a watch folder to automatically import images into the Shutter Stream software
  • Variable Names Saving: Added “variable names” in Dynamic saving tool. If using the variables: [day], [month], [year] inside a directory or file name, the current day, month or year number (respectively) will be inserted in the directory or file name
  • Add maintenance agreement expiration Information in About
  • Implemented drop-down Help Menu with links to KB articles
  • Added ‘Check for updates’ option in About menu
  • Improved overall support of RGBA image processing in all pipelines.
  • Added new Captureless license type. This works in conjunction with the 360 View Creator to allow image editing when creating 360 views
  • Added splash screen with links to self help, knowledge base (KB) articles and videos

Questions? Please feel free to contact us

About Iconasys:

Headquartered in Southern California, Iconasys is a leading developed of still & 360 product photography software and equipment for brands, retailers, manufacturers and professional photographers. Since opening its doors in 2014, Iconasys has been able to gain the trust of over 7,000 customers worldwide – including the likes of Amazon, Wal-Mart, Apple, Macy’s & GE. Iconasys products are used for a variety of  applications, in a variety of industries, and are designed to enable users of any skill level to create high quality still and 360 product images easily and efficiently.

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