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Shooting Product Videos using Custom Defined Mode
360 Product Video Blog

Shooting Product Videos using Custom Defined Mode

The Custom Defined Video mode provides creative freedom for users looking to create product videos . The workflow is straight forward, allowing users are able ...
360 Product Photography: Centering an Object 05
360 Product Photography Blog

Centering an Object when Shooting 360 Object Photography

Correctly positioning an object is absolutely critical to the final 360 output as if its off center, it will rotate around the center axis point ...
360 Earring Photography Hanging Kit 02
360 Product Photography Blog

360 Earring Hanging Kit for 360 Product Photography & Video

Iconasys announces the 360 Earring Photography Hanging Kit to our line of 360 Photography Turntable Accessories. This kit is designed for suspending earrings when shooting ...
LumiCube 360 Jewelry Photography Light Box
Product Photography Blog

Product Photography: Light Box vs. No Light Box

Iconasys communicates the benefits, drawbacks and usage of shooting product photography in an enclosed light box.
360 Product Photography Software options
360 Product Photography Blog

Choosing the Right 360 Product Photography Software

Trying to decide what 360 Product Photography Software is best for you and your specific requirements? Iconasys discusses all its 360 product photography software options ...
360 product photography using strobe lights
360 Product Photography Blog

360 Product Photography using Strobe Lighting

This article discusses shooting 360 product photography with strobe lighting and takes a dive in to important variables to ensure for successful 360 product image ...
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