New LumiCube 360 Product Photography Light Box Examples

Integrated Photography Light Box for 360 Product Photography

Since the introduction of the LumiCube 360 Photography Light Box on September 22nd, we have had massive interest and success with customers interested in shooting still and/or 360 product photography of small to medium size items such as jewelry, small parts, cannabis and similar type products. “We expected LumiCube 360 to be a hit, however even our most optimistic sales estimates have been easily surpassed” states Michael Atman, CEO of Iconasys. The LumiCube Light Box include built-in, high CRI LED Lighting with an integrated 360 photography turntable that will enable users to create professional quality images regardless of experience. The Light Box includes an integrated camera control, image editing and 360 product view publishing software that aids in the composition and creation of still and 360 product images while streamlining and automating traditionally tedious workflows.

360 Product View of a Hanging Necklace 3

In effort to continue the momentum we have just released new examples files shot in the LumiCube 360 Product Photography Light Box. These examples not only highlight product image quality and the types of products that can photographed, but also the overall functionality of the unit.

LumiCube 360 Product Photography Light Box Examples

Hanging Necklace Photography:

This 360 Product Photography Example communicates the ability to create color accurate 360 product images with pure white backgrounds. The LumiCube 360 Light Box includes lighting control – allowing users to adjust lighting intensity (through dimming), light positioning (through on/off) and light color temperature  from 3,200K to 7,000K (includes warm, neutral and cold lighting). For brass and gold colored items, we enable the warm lighting to achieve better color accuracy.

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360 Product Photography on White Backgrounds:

This 360 Product Photography Example communicates the ability for users to create 360 views of suspend items such as necklaces. This requires used purchase the optional add-on Silver Series Jewelry Photography Turntable – which can be mounted upside down on top of the LumiCube. The necklace was placed on the 360 Jewelry Hanging Kit, then secured to the Silver Jewelry Turntable stem (via magnet mount).

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Vertically Positioned Rings:

This 360 Jewelry Photography Example communicates the ability for users to stand rings up vertically. The LumiCube 360 package includes multiple different turntable platforms, one of which has a small center hole that can be used to aid in standing light weight items vertically. To create this vertically positioned ring 360 product view we use a small gauge wire, strung through the hole, around the ring and then back through the hole – allowing us to secure the ring in a vertical position.

360 Photography of Larger Objects:

Many customers are unaware of the size and scale of the LumiCube 360. It is a heavy duty (40 lbs), high end light box measuring in at 13.8 x 17.75 x 16.25″ (35 x 45 x  41.3cm). Largest object size specifications are as follows:

Front Door Shots: 9 x 9 x 9″
Top Down Shots: 10 x 10″
360 Images + Videos: 7 x 7 x 9″
Hanging Items: 9 x 9 x 8″

360 Product Photography on a Black Background:

The LumiCube 360 Light Box includes a black background and side panels that can be used to achieve 360 product photography on black.

360 Product Photography with High Frame Count:

While most 360 product photography is composed of 36 to 72 frames per 360 rotation, there is instances where more frames are required. Did you know the LumiCube 360 Product Photography Light Box has precision up to 0.04 degrees and allows users to shoot up to 8,520 images / 360 rotation!

Freedom to Shoot Desired 360 Product Photography Angles & Perspectives:

This one goes without saying however, we thought we’d mention it anyways. When shooting 360 product photography in-house, users can achieve the desired shooting angles and perspectives to best communicate your products!

Professional 360 Product Photography Made Simple!

No matter what your 360 product photography requirements, Iconasys has you covered. Our products are trusted by thousands of retailers, brands and professionals globally. Our LumiCube 360 Product Photography Light Box is designed for small objects however we have a wide range of 360 Photography Turntables and 360 Product Photography Software that can help streamline 360 product photography workflows, while making it simple for users of any skill level.

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