Iconasys 360 Product View Creator Software: Version 5.0 Released

360 Product View Creator Software: Version 5.0

Press Release
February 4, 2020

Irvine, California – For those looking to create web-ready interactive 360 Product Views, the Iconasys 360 Product View Creator Software is a fast, efficient and easy to use application designed for users of any skill level. The software convert 360 product image sets into web-ready interactive 360 product views in various formats including HTML5, MP4 and Animated GIF (how it works). In addition to the multiple output options, users are in full control of the 360 product view customization with the ability to change features, functionality, look, feel and behavior of the 360 Product View output (see complete customization options here).

360 Product View Creator Software Release Notes

We are excited to announce the formal release of Version 5.0 of the 360 Product View Creator Software. This latest release includes an update to an HTML5 based Canvas viewer that enables hardware acceleration and smooth interaction on large image sets. This change will help speed up load times and is most prominent when viewing 360 product views on mobile devices. During load, the 360 View will take advantage of the GPU to render the images, instead of updating the DOM tree with the source paths of the images.

Users will also see performance and usability enhancements with the ability to batch output 360 product views in multiple formats using a single click. “With all the selling and social platforms available today, it’s rare we see customers requiring only a single 360 output from the 360 Product View Creator Software” states Michael Atman, Iconasys CEO. He continues “In a single click, users can now output all file formats required – this is sure to save our customers time and effort.”

360 product view creator software

Sales and Social Channels – Suggested 360 Product View display format:

Website – Most common are the Interactive HTML5 and Interactive MP4 options
Twitter – Animated GIF (autoplays on loop)
Facebook – Animated GIF (autoplays on loop)
Pinterest – Animated GIF (autoplays on loop)
Google Business – Standard Mp4 Video (autoplays on loop)
Instagram – Standard Mp4 Video (autoplays on loop)
LinkedIn – Standard MP4 Video or Animated GIF (autoplays on loop)
Amazon ­- Amazon provides its own 360 product view composer – so users just upload the 360 product image set
eBay – Embed a hosted GIF or hosted MP4 video into the product listing

To help with image transition (movement in between frames), we have added the ‘Swoosh’ feature. When this is enabled, interim frames in the 360 product image set are generated between any two frames, such that the rotation looks smoother.  The interim frames are generated by alpha-blending two of the nearest frames.  When the rotation is stopped, the viewer snaps to a true frame.

Further customization features have been also been added. Previously there was an option for 4 different player button types – each available in 4 standard colors. Users can now adjust their player button color on any of the 4 button types to be any color. This will mean users can match player buttons to the exact colors displayed on their website. In addition, new player buttons positions have been added – these include centered buttons on both the top and bottom of the frame.

Adding hotpots to 360 Product Views has been a popular feature used by many customers. The 360 View Creator Version 5.0 allows users to now fix a hotspot to every single frame in the 360 Product View.

The Iconasys 360 Product View Creator Software is the most versatile, customizeable and functional software for converting 360 product image sets into interactive 360 product views. Additional information can be found at https://www.iconasys.com/.

About Iconasys:

Iconasys specializes in Product Photography Automation Tools for Still & 360 Product Photography. The Iconasys portfolio includes end user applications in the form of software and integrated hardware solutions for eCommerce Product Photography and other web-imaging applications.

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