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Apparel and Clothing Photography can be daunting. We know, we’ve been there. Likely you are spending too much time, resources, money and effort on your in-house product photography. The reality of this, with correct lighting and/or a correct product photography software, this process can be painless. Trust us!

We have just introduced green screen background removal into our Shutter Stream Studio Photography Software. This is the first application of its kind that fully integrates camera control functionality with green screen background removal functionality.

Ever been flagged by Amazon for not having professional pure white backgrounds? This is the perfect tool for eCommerce businesses and Amazon sellers who require Fashion Photography with pure white backgrounds.

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Users can expect to create professional grade fashion and apparel photography with white (or transparent) backgrounds literally in seconds!

Green screen background removal is a new feature in Shutter Stream Product Photography Software. This allows users to automate the background removal editing process when shooting fashion images and apply changes to a set of images in a batch process with a single click. The end result is a fashion apparel photo with the background completely removed (transparent if output in PNG or TIFF format – or any solid color the user chooses if output in JPG format).  Since Amazon sellers are required to fashion photography with white backgrounds, this tool will save you hundreds of hours a year on editing!

You may be thinking, “Yeah right! It’s too good to be true!” While shooting on green screen isn’t always the best for products, it is flawless for photographing fashion apparel on humans and mannequins.

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How does our automated Green Screen Background Removal Tool work for Fashion Apparel Photography?

  1.  Start by composing a (video), Pre-crop your subject (video) and then capture your product images using the Shutter Stream Image Composition and Capture Tools.
  2. After a single or set of fashion apparel images has been captured (ex. shoot 100 products with 4 different angles per product), select these and enter into the Shutter Stream Editing tools area:
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  1. Next, select the Background Removal Tool option. Choose the “Solid Color background removal” option. Choose a color that best represents your background. If using a green background, select a similar green color. From there you will have two parameters to adjust.
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  1. Users will then adjust the Soft Transparency parameter. This will remove the green from the image. Increase the soft transparency as high as possible until it begins blinking white. Initially, this will change from light grey, dark grey to white.
The 1:1 viewer will show just how well it blends the edges. The areas the tool removed from the frame will be denoted by a blinking grey.
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The 2nd parameter is smoothing.

  1. Smoothing will round off the edges if they contain any imperfections. We don’t want to raise the smoothing parameter too high as it will begin to hue the areas along the edges.
  2. You will then hit apply – to apply to a single image – or apply to all to apply to the entire set of images in a batch process (yes, multiple images!). Your background will be completely stripped from the image onto a transparent layer. Output formats include TIFF, PNG and JPG. Both PNG and TIFF images will retain the alpha channel (transparent background).
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  1. Continue with editing tools if needed. (Shutter Stream Fashion Photography Software includes many image enhancement and color correction tools. These can also be applied in a batch process if required).
  2. Output images using our Batch or Dynamic Save tools. Both options include batch image resizing, renaming, formatting, watermarking and more.
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Green screen background removal also known as “Chroma Key Background Removal” recognizes the difference from your background only image and your fashion apparel images. Using computer vision, the tool will see the outline and edges of your fashion apparel photography thus differentiating it from the background only image. Anything outside of these edges will be edited.

Create Apparel & Fashion Photography with a white background

This is an excellent tool for editing multiple or single images. A great solution for those looking to get away from the painstaking long process of Photoshop. Users can expect to achieve these results in less than two minutes.

For a video explanation on using this tool please view our Green Screen Video Tutorial.

In addition to Green Screen/Chroma Key background removal, Shutter Stream Product Photography Software offers a variety of other tools for automating background cut out. Read more about our Automated Background Removal tools.

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