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Industry Leading 360 Product Photography Software

 360 Product Photography is a great way for online retailers to better communicate products in the digital space. 360 Product Photography has been proven to increase conversion rates on product pages by about 3% while also decreasing product returns and customer dissatisfaction by allowing users to interact and see products from any angle.

Iconasys has emerged as a leading provider of 360 product photography software and equipment and this article will help customers understand what 360 product photography software is best, based on unique requirements.

What are your 360 Product Photography Requirements?

At Iconasys we pride ourselves on our consultative approach to ensure we deliver the best solution based on a users unique requirements. During our sales consultation process, we try to gain feedback from customers about their current in-house photography set up. This includes questions about the customers current photography set-up: 

  • Camera and Lens Type
  • Existing Lighting
  • Existing Photography Turntable (if applicable). And type of turntable (ex. Motorized (continuous spin), Manual or Shutter Release Turntable)
  • Photography Software(s) being used (ex. does a user currently use any image capture or editing software)

This information is useful in helping the customer decide which Iconasys 360 Product Photography Software option will best meet their needs and budget. In addition to software, Iconasys also offers some great pre-packaged 360 product photography lighting and 360 photography turntable options which could be ideal for some customers looking to build out an in-house 360 product photography studio.

Product Photography Skill Level: The next step in the sales consultation process is trying to better understand our customer’s photography skill level. Our vast range of 360 product photography solutions includes options that will depend on photography knowledge and experience.

Product Type (objects size and weight) and Number of Product to Shoot: By understanding the type of products and the overall number of products that will be required to image in 360, we can provide suggestions. For example, for a customer with over 100 products, an Iconasys computer controlled 360 photography turntable might make sense considering the automated 360 product photography workflow it will provide.

Digital Sales Channels360 Product Photography for eCommerce (customers own website) is the most popular option however we have seen 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon introduce 360 Product Photography. Our sales consultants are knowledgeable in marketplace sales and can provide good information based on what sales channel the customer intends to use 360 product images in.

360 Product Photography Software Options:

360 Product Photography Software options 02

360 Product View Creator Software (Mac/Windows):

Who’s it for: This software designed for 360 image composition – specifically for those who have a means for 360 product image capture and editing.
How it Works: Users simply import a set of JPG images into this software to create an interactive 360 product views in HTML5, 360 Animated GIF, Interactive MP4 and Standard MP4 video. 360 Product views are fully customizable and support interactivity (click and drag left/right), hot-spot image tagging & deep zoom. This software also supports multi-row 360 (also called 3D product views). There is no camera control or image editing tools included. This 360 View Creator Software is included with both Shutter Stream 360 & Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Softwares (How it Works Video).

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software (Mac/Windows):

Who’s it for: This 360 product photography software is designed for 360 image editing and composition – specifically for those who have a means for 360 image capture and are looking to streamline image editing, processing and 360 product view composition workflow
How it Works: It allows user to import a set of images into the Shutter Stream 360 software for image editing (batch crop, color adjustment, image enhancement, background removal etc..), image processing (batch image resizing, renaming, watermarking, resolution adjustments etc..) & image output tools (includes still image output + 360 product view output). This is the complete Shutter Stream 360 software with camera functionality disabled (How it Works Video).

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software (Mac/Windows):

Who’s it for: This software is designed for those who are looking for a complete 360 Product Photography Suite.
How it Works: Shutter Stream 360 integrates camera control and automated image capture and specific 360 shooting workflow modes to streamline the ENTIRE 360 product photography workflow. It includes Camera Control (compatible cameras), Image Composition, Automated 360 Image Capture (4 different turntable shooting modes), a vast Image Editing Suite (edits can be applied in a batch process to an entire set of images shot over a 360), Image Processing (batch resizing, renaming, watermarking etc..) and 360 Product View Output (multiple different output options/formats). It is the only completely integrated software application for 360 product photography and users can expect to create professional grade 360 photography in just minutes per product. Shutter Stream 360 also includes all the standard still imaging capabilities of the Shutter Stream Software so it will prove to be a valuable tool for Still Product Photography. If you are looking for a complete end to end 360 product photography software, have a compatible camera and are interested in increasing ease of use while also streamlining 360 photography processes, then this is the software you should be considering.  Shutter Stream 360 will not only control important variables, it will also make it easier to create better quality images and expedite the process by automating image capture, image upload and image editing processes. So I will encourage you to consider the entire end to end workflow of your 360 photography while also putting a value on your time (as our complete 360 workflow process will be about 600% more efficient).

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software (Mac/Windows): 

Who’s it for: This software is designed for users who have a compatible camera and are also looking to create 360 product videos and/or for users looking to convert 360 product videos to 360 product photography.
How it Works: Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software includes all the same features and functionality as the standard Shutter Stream 360 to automate and streamline 360 product photography workflows. The additional product video functionality allows users to control start/stop video record via computer, and the 360 video files can easily and efficiently be extracted + downsampled to create interactive and web-ready 360 product views.

Software Integrated 360 Product Photography Turntables

360 Product Photography Turntable: Iconasys Silver Series MID

For those with high volume 360 product photography requirements, we often suggest users consider an Iconasys computer controlled turntable. These are the not only the fastest but also the best 360 product photography turntables available and will allow users to shoot 360 product images at unparalleled speeds through automated image capture and turntable movement. These are available in multiple different sizes and cater to different product ranges. For those considering an Iconasys 360 photography turntable, there is two software options available.

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Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software (see more detailed description above): A complete 360 product photography suite that integrates camera control, automate 360 image capture, image editing, processing, output and 360 Product View composition.
Who’s it for: Designed for users with a compatible camera who are looking for the fastest workflow option. Its ideal for users of any skill level and will enable beginners to create high quality product images. Supports great features such as Automated Product Photography Background Removal and 360 Product Photography Focus Stacking (available via plugin).

360 Product Photography using Shutter Stream 360 Video Software

Iconasys 360 Turntable Controller Software: This software is a simple, user friendly application that is allows users to control turntable movements via computer (Mac/Windows/Linux) and automates 360 image capture through Shutter Release (turn, stop, snap workflow).
Who’s it for: This is a great option for professional photographers and users who require RAW image processing and for those who already have a 3rd party application for image editing (ex. Adobe Photoshop). For those who already have a studio photography capture software such as CaptureOne or Adobe Lightroom, this software can be used in conjunction with either option to allow for tethered capture.

360 Product Photography using Capture One Video

360 Product Photography Software Conclusion

No matter what your 360 Product Photography Requirements, Iconasys has you covered. All Iconasys 360 Product Photography Software solutions are a one-time purchase that will allow users to create infinite 360 product views (HTML5, GIF, Interactive MP4 and standard MP4 video output) that are completely unbranded (no Iconasys logo or info in the 360 output) and can be self-hosted/easily embedded into your website or in the case of professionals, distributed to customers so they can self-host/embed into their site. There is no recurring mandatory monthly or yearly fees required and all purchases include free technical support.

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