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LumiCube 360 Jewelry Photography Light Box

Iconasys, a leading manufacturer of still & 360 product photography automation tools, announces the launch of the LumiCube 360 Jewelry Photography Light Box.

360 Product Image Upload into SIRV

Iconasys and Sirv have teamed up to provide customers a seamless experience when uploading 360 product image sets from Iconasys Shutter Stream 360 Software to the Sirv’s Dynamic Imaging Platform.

360 Product Photography: Centering an Object 05

Correctly positioning an object is absolutely critical to the final 360 output as if its off center, it will rotate around the center axis point and not look professional. These steps will help you ensure you can easily and efficiently position your product in the center of your turntable, prior to shooting your 360 Object Photography.

360 Earring Photography Hanging Kit 02

Iconasys announces the 360 Earring Photography Hanging Kit to our line of 360 Photography Turntable Accessories. This kit is designed for suspending earrings when shooting 360 product photography and 360 product videos.

360 Product Photography Software options

Trying to decide what 360 Product Photography Software is best for you and your specific requirements? Iconasys discusses all its 360 product photography software options in this article.

360 product photography using strobe lights

This article discusses shooting 360 product photography with strobe lighting and takes a dive in to important variables to ensure for successful 360 product image capture.

360 Diamond Photography Turntable

For those selling diamonds in the online space, 360 Diamond Photography and Videos are a great way to enhance visual communication. Traditionally the use of a grading report and a still image of the stone was…

360 Product Photography Service Network

Iconasys announced today the launch of the Iconasys Trusted Professionals Network – the world’s largest 360 Product Photography Services offering. he unique benefits of the Iconasys Trusted Professional Network include…

360 product photography systems

ith the proliferation of 3D scanners and 3D scanning technologies, such as structure from motion, there’s more talk about 3D product imaging for eCommerce application. While “3D product photography” is a term fairly abused in eCommerce…

360 Product Photography vs 360 Product Video

. We often hear the terms 360 Product Photography and 360 Product Video used interchangeably and while they both produce similar visuals – an all-encompassing 360 product spin view, they do vary quite differently from one another.

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