Automated Background Removal – Pure White Product Photography in Seconds

Product Photography Background Removal Software

If you are selling on Amazon you know by now, product images with a pure white background is an absolute requirement. Not to mention, images for your own eCommerce site or website also might require pure white backgrounds. Here at Iconasys we have been working around the clock exploring ways that would allow users to automate this process. The incredible news is we have found a way that will allow anyone to easily and efficiently automate background extraction from product images through image recognition and are gearing up to introduce this into our Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Suite. This patent pending algorithm, allows the program to understand where a product is versus where the background is and is set to be released soon!

Check out the teaser video below for the Product Photography Pure White Background Video:

Check out the results below:

Automated Product Photography Background Removal: White Backgrounds 01
Automated Product Photography Background Removal: White Backgrounds 02
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