360 Photography Turntable Options Explained

What 360 Product Photography Turntable Type is Best for you?

360 Photography Turntables come in various forms, types, sizes all very unique in their respective manner. When looking to get started with 360 Product Photography, one should be aware of the type of photography turntable and choose the option best suited to their unique requirements and budget. In this post, we will discuss types of 360 photography turntables.

360 Photography Turntable options from Iconasys

Computer Controlled Photography Turntables: 

These product photography turntables connect to a computer via USB or wirelessly and are controlled via computer application. The application typically will also include a camera controller and will allow users to control turntable and camera via mouse clicks. The 360 turntable photography workflow is automated in a turn, stop, snap workflow – capturing a pre-defined number of images per 360 rotation. In addition to the automated capture workflow, the included application also usually includes a 360 product view creator application that will convert individual frames into an interactive 360 product view. These are the most professional options and can ensure for precise and consistent capture. While computer controlled photography turntables are typically more expensive than other options, they do save users time and effort each time 360 product photography is shot.

Watch real time workflow video using Iconasys USB Photography Turntable + Shutter Stream 360 Software

Manual Photography Turntables: 

A great option for starting with 360 product photography is a Manual Turntable. The workflow is straightforward: capture XX number of images at even intervals over a 360 rotation. It is important to ensure consistent capture angles (ex. every 10-degrees) and to achieve this, it’s a good idea to measure out and mark these angles. There is also some great pre-built options on Amazon® that have pre-cut guide markers.

Watch real time workflow video using Iconasys Manual Photography Turntable + Shutter Stream 360 Software

Motorized (Continuous Spin) Photography Turntables:

 In recent years, there has been an influx of these photography turntables released into the market. Although advertised as ‘turntable for photography’, users are often left wondering how to create 360 product photography using these. In order to shoot 360 product photography with a continuous spin turntable, users require a camera that has a large buffer and can shoot very quickly at a consistent capture rate. In addition, users must use ample light so they can use a shutter speed of 1/60 or greater.

Watch real time workflow video using Iconasys Motorized Photography Turntable + Shutter Stream 360 Software

Shutter Release Photography Turntables:

Shutter release photography turntables are motorized and typically support a turn, stop, snap 360 shooting mode that is completely automated from the turntable controller. users are able to select a number of frames per 360 rotation (select option on physical turntable controller itself) then hit start. The camera, which is connected via shutter release cable to the turntable, will automatically snap images at each turntable stop (based on user defined number of frames per rotation). Images are captured to a cameras SD card then can be uploaded, processed  and composed into a 360 view using a 3rd party application. These turntables help to ensure for correct and consistent shooting angles and offer streamlined image capture.

Watch real time workflow video using Shutter Release Photography Turntable + Shutter Stream 360 Software

360 Product Photography Turntable Conclusion

360 Product Photography is a hot trend that is enabling eCommerce and online sellers convert more sales. Understanding the basics of 360 product photography and more specifically photography turntable types is a good first step in preparing to go 360. Iconasys also provides 360 product photography software that can be used with any turntable type to steamline 360 imaging workflows.

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