360 Earring Hanging Kit for 360 Product Photography & Video

Easily Create Professional 360 Earring Photography

One of the largest industries Iconasys operates in is the jewelry industry. We have established ourselves as the leader of professional grade 360 Jewelry Photography Solutions and are trusted by some of the largest jewelry brands and retailers along with thousands of small to medium size businesses and professional photographers. The success of our products up to this point is thanks in large part to our customers and their valuable feedback and suggestions.

Today, Iconasys announces the 360 Earring Photography Hanging Kit to our line of 360 Photography Turntable Accessories. 

360 Earring Photography Hanging Kit 2

Iconasys 360 Earring Photography Hanging Kit Accessory

This 360 Earring Hanging Kit is designed for suspending earrings when shooting 360 product photography and 360 product videos. This kit includes a T-Bar mount that mounts to an Iconasys turntable via magnet. This provides for easy attachment and detachment to help with 360 product photography efficiencies while also making it simple center. The cross bar includes 8 individual, evenly spaced holes where users can insert earring hooks and posts to suspend, then secure via clasp on the backside of the T-Bar.

360 Earring Photography Hanging Kit

The earring photography kit is compatible with:

360 Earring Photography Hanging Kit Video

360 Earring Photography Hanging Kit Example

Learn more about how we created the above 360 Earring Photography Example

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