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3D Diamond Photography – Fast, Easy & Affordable

Iconasys Introduces New 3D Diamond Photography System

3D Diamond Photography System 01

The diamond and gemstone trade is one that has posed some challenges in the online space. Bridging the gap between physical trade, where buyers can touch and inspect diamonds, and online trade has required better quality imaging tools. A technique we see many gemstone and diamond sellers using is 3D diamond photography. This technique consists of capturing a sequence of images over a 360 rotation of the product, then composing the individual images into an interactive 3D product view.

Iconasys has recently introduced a new 3D Diamond Photography System that is specifically catered to allow users of any skill level to create high quality 3D Diamond Photography. The 3D Diamond Photography System includes a table top light box (combination of CCFL and LED Lighting), a 3D Diamond Photography Turntable and 3D Photography Automation Software. The system is designed to make 3D Diamond Photography an efficient process (typically 5 minutes per product) and also a pain free process. The 3D turntable sits inside the specially designed lighting – the user will simply place a stone, click a couple buttons in the software and in just minutes, have a web ready 3D diamond image that can be shared with customers globally or embedded into any 3rd party diamond trading website (ex. RapNetPolygonIDEX etc..) but also make the 3D image creation process fast and efficient. To get a better understanding of the system and how it works, please see this video:

If you are looking to get started with 3D diamond photography and would be interested in discussing our 3D Diamond Photography System with a representative, please contact us.

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