360 Turntable Photography: Multi-Purpose Tool Example

360 Turntable Photography is a method of photography that requires users to capture a set of images of an object as it rotates over a 360-degree plane. The 360 image set is then composed into a file capable of playing the image se at a desired speed to give the object the view as if its rotating. The outputs often include user interactivity – allowing the viewing party the ability to virtually touch the object then drag to view from a desired angle. 360 Turntable Photography is often used in eCommerce and online business communication to enhance visual communication. Iconasys is a leading provider of 360 photography turntables and software’s with solutions designed to automate 360 imaging workflows. Scroll down to learn how we created the Multi-purpose tool 360 view example.

360 Turntable Photography Specs

Total Process Time to Create 360 Turntable Photography: ~6 minutes

Frame Count: 60 frames/360 rotation (a single capture every 6 degrees)

Zoom Level: No zoom included in this example

Lighting Used: LumiCube 360 Jewelry Photography Light Box

Turntable Used: None

Software Used: Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software

Accessory Used: 360 Jewelry Photography Hanging Kit

Camera/Lens Used: Canon EOS M50 with Canon 22mm EF M Lens

How did we Shoot this 360 Turntable Photography Example

Creating this 360 Turntable Photography Example was simple, fast and efficient. The LumiCube 360 Product Photography Light Box includes high CRI LED Lighting that is dimmable and color adjustable. Since this object was highly reflective, we only used the bottom and back lighting at full intensity (and left off the top down left and right lights). The LumiCube 360 Photography Light Box includes Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software which is used to control the 360 Turntable Photography workflow. We connected our compatible camera via USB to the computer and after doing so, we get a large live view of what the camera sees within the software. This is critical for composing the 360 image. While in live view mode, we adjusted camera settings via mouse clicks to achieve correct exposure. We also were able to set and fix a focal point to be used during capture.

After camera and lighting settings are dialed in, we select number of frames to capture per 360 rotation (we choose 60). After clicking ‘Start’ in the software, the 360 turntable photography process begins with the camera and turntable working in unison in a turn, stop, snap workflow – while uploading images directly into the software after capture.

The second to last step in creating this 360 product photography example was editing the image set. This process was done in a batch process and allowed us to achieve a pure white background for all images. Then we proceeded with composing the image set into a user interactive 360 product view using the included 360 Product View Creation Software.

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