360 Product View of a Hanging Watch

360 Product View: Specification

Frame Count: 72 frames/360 rotation (one capture every 5-degrees)

Zoom Level: 2.3X zoom

Lighting UsedIconasys LED Studio Lighting Kit (used with High Key Lighting Technique). Although we would also suggest a LumiPad 360 LED Lighting Kit

Turntable/Software UsedSilver Series MID 360 Photography Turntable + Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software

Accessory Used360 Product Photography Hanging Kit

Camera/Lens Used: Canon Rebel T6s (aka EOS 760D/EOS 8000D) with Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

360 Product View of a Hanging Watch: Information & Notes

We had shot this 360 Product View of a Hanging Watch using the Silver Series 360 Photography Hanging Kit. The Silver Series MID 360 Photography Turntable was suspended on a platform with a hole in the middle – through the hole was the 360 Hanging Kit with acrylic wrath mount that connected to the turntable center stem.

For lighting, we used our 3X LED Studio Lights. Two of these lights were positioned at the white backdrop and then the single front light was placed at a 45-degree angle (to the left side of the watch) to illuminate the watch. We added bounce cards (white foam board panels) that helped bounce light onto the watch. We could have also used the LumiPad 360 Product Photography lighting kit to achieve similar quality results with white backgrounds

We applied some batch image editing in the Shutter Stream 360 Software. These included:

Levels: Minimal adjustments to black, white and mid-tones to adjust colors
Sharpness: Added a value of 1.2 to sharpness to enhance image quality

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