360 Product View: Razor using Hanging Kit

360 Product View: Specifications

Total Process Time to Create Web-ready 360 Product View: ~7 minutes

Frame Count: 48 frames/360 rotation (1 capture every 7.5 degrees)

Zoom Level: 2X (although orignal images were shot at 2300 x 3000px, we limited zoom to enhance 360 product view load time)

Buttons Used: Black Fill Player Option – Play & Zoom button in bottom left, Left & Right buttons in bottom right

Player Type: Spin Once then stop

Lighting UsedLumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting Kit (Medium)

Turntable/Software Used: Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntable (Silver MID)+ Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software

Accessory Used360 Product Photography Hanging Kit

Camera/Lens Used: Canon EOS Rebel T6s with Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

360 Product View of a Hanging Razor: Information & Notes

This 360 Product View of a Gillette Razor was shot using the Iconasys Silver MID 360 Product Photography Turntable, the 360 Hanging Kit accessory and the Iconasys LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting Kit. To suspend the razor on the hanging kit, we used a thin (5 lbs test), clear fishing line that was strung between the top blade and the top of the razor. This was strung through on both the left and the right side of the blade and then held up by the small hanging kit plate (which we used clasps to hold the fishing line). The clasps made it easy to adjust the fishing line to ensure the razor was sitting up straight.

The 360 product image was shot in an automated fashion using the Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software (controlled compatible camera and integrated camera snap with turntable movement in a turn, stop, snap workflow). The 360 product image set includes a total of 48 individual frames and when shooting we added a pre-snap delay of 3 seconds (to eliminate any sway of the product between turntable start and stop).

The LumiPad 360 Product Photography lighting kit set up was straight forward. We placed the backlight panel ~20 inches from the razor then placed the two front lights (spaced about 10 inches apart) about 16 inches from the razor. The Canon Rebel camera (using a 50mm fixed lens) sat about 8 inches back from the lights and shot in between the two lights (camera settings: aperture 9, custom white balance, shutter speed 1/40, ISO 100).


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