360 Jewelry Photos: Two Earring Example

360 Jewelry Photos Specifications

Total Process Time to Create Web-ready 360 Jewelry Photo: ~6 minutes

Frame Count: 48 frames/360 rotation (1 capture every 7.5 degrees)

Zoom Level: 2X

Buttons Used: Black Fill Player Button Option – Play, Left, Right & Zoom buttons in bottom center position.

Lighting UsedMedium LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting System

Turntable/Software UsedSilver Series MID Photography Turntable + Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software

Accessory Used360 Hanging Kit

Camera/Lens Used: Canon Rebel T6s/EOS 760D/EOS 8000D with Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

360 Jewelry Photo Notes

Iconasys 360 Jewelry Photo Turntables are a great option for shooting 360 Jewelry Photos. In this example we shoot a set of earrings using the Silver MID Series Turntable and 360 Hanging Kit. The result in the 360 example above required very little image editing and took just minutes to create.

We used a combination of an Iconasys lighting to shoot this example. Two LED Studio Lights were used to illuminate the background (could have also used a LumiPad Backlight Panel) and then to light the subject, we used a single Spectro 400 LED Panel light. Adjusted to about 4000K temperature and at about 90% brightness.

We had set a custom white balance on our camera to allow us to shoot this at almost perfect color (to avoid having to make color corrections with the Shutter Stream 360 Software editing tools).

For suspending the turntable, we used 2X 31″ tall Sawhorses, and a 2 x 4 foot sheet of wood which we drilled a 2″ hole in the center and painted white on the bottom. Last, we used two white 20 x 30″ white foamboard sheets to help control side reflections.

To suspend two earrings from the hanging kit, we used two M4 Eyebolts and nuts that we connected to the small hanging kit plate. Or users can purchase the Dual Earring Hanging Kit.

Please contact us for additional info and pricing on our 360 Jewelry Photo Solutions.

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