360 Product Photography Examples

360 Product Photography Examples

360 Product Photography output from both the Shutter Stream 360 & 360 View Creator Software is available in 4 different formats:

  • HTML5 (includes interactivity: mouse control, click and drag, zoom in/out)
  • MP4 Interactive Video (includes: mouse control, click and drag, zoom in/out)
  • 360 Animated GIF
  • Standard MP4 Video

Below examples are displayed in interactive HTML5 output. Both HTML5 & MP4 Interactive Video formats are optimized for mobile and web browsers and will dynamically serve based on viewing screen size (iframe). When composing 360 product photography, users have the ability to add any amount of frames at any resolution. Depth of Zoom is based on max resolution of the images imported into the 360 View Creator Software however can be limited to viewing resolution required. All animations and buttons are fully customizable so users can display 360 views that match the look and feel of their own website. For more information on Iconasys 360 Product Photography Software & Turntables, please see here.

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