360 Product Photography from Video Extract

360 Product Photography from Video Extract: Shoe

360 Product View Notes

Instead of shooting stop motion 360 Product Photography (turn, stop, snap) we decided to shoot a 360 Product Video, extract the frames the compose into a web-ready 360 Product View. This functionality is available when purchasing an Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntable.

The video file was shot at the 2nd fastest turntable speed using a Canon EOS M50 camera (video record set to 25 fps and recording at 4k resolution). The 360 video capture was automated through the Shutter Stream 360 + Video Software which automatically synchronized turntable movement with video record start/stop to create a perfect 360 product rotational video.

After the 360 video record process was complete, we extracted the frames using the Software (total of 600 frames) then down sampled every 10th frame for the image import. Editing the image set was much easier than editing a 360 video file (this was done directly in the Shutter Stream 360 Software in a batch process) and we had achieved a pure white background.

See real-time workflow video below.

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Create 360 Product Photography from a 360 Product Video

Create 360 Product Photography from a 360 Product Video

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