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Computer Controlled 360 Product Photography Turntables

Automate your 360 Product Photography  Workflows

360 Product Photography Turntable

A challenge facing online sellers in today’s world is ‘how to better communicate products online’. To find a way that can bridge the gap between the physical in-store retail experience and the digital world. It’s obvious, the lack of physical interaction in the eCommerce (not being able to see, feel and touch) can lead to purchase hesitation and ultimately lost sales. Online retailers need to find better ways to communicate products being sold and high quality product photography is often a good first step.

Often multiple static or still product images can provide ample visual feedback but we still this is not enough. eCommerce retailers try to understand the exact angles their customers wish to see and will provide these, typically through 3 or 4 different images. But ask yourself what if this isn’t enough to help convert your shopper into a buyer?

360 Product Photography takes visual communication in the digital world a step further by allowing customers to view at any angle required, while offering customers an interactive and immersive retail experience. By bridging the gap between virtual and reality, 360 product photography is a sure way to enhance the online customer experience while also building consumer confidence (360 product photography examples).

Trusted by thousands of brands, retailers and professional photographers globally, Iconasys has cemented its footprint as the leading provider of in-house 360 Product Photography Solutions for various applications and industries. Our turntables are second to none in terms of functionality, features and quality and users, regardless of experience, can expect to easily and efficient create web-ready 360 product views in just minutes.

In addition to 360 Product Photography Turntables, Iconasys also provides a wide range of 360 Product Photography Lighting Equipment with solutions that allow for creating 360 product views with pure white backgrounds instantly. Our product photography lighting ranges in size from small jewelry photography light box’s to our LumiPad 360 modular LED lighting systems to complete studio set ups for apparel and large product photography.

Iconasys 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
"My choice for a 360 product photography turntable had to be the right one with an upcoming job shooting 400 auto parts in 360. After comparing many 360 turntable options, I decided on Iconasys and couldn't have been happier with my decision. The turntables quality is incredible, I've shot over 8,000 products and its still going strong, the software is intuitive and has all tools I require to create 360 product photography with white backgrounds and their customer support is excellent - friendly, personal, knowledgeable and responsive. Oh, and the best part, I'm able to create 360 product images for my clients in under 5 minutes per product! If you need to shoot 360 product photography, its a no brainier -  Iconasys wont disappoint."

Marc Braun, Owner, Braun Photographics

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360 Product Photography Turntable Software

Iconasys has emerged as the leader in the 360 product photography space by delivering the most professional solutions available in the industry. Our line of 360 Product Photography Turntables are computer controlled (Mac/Windows/Linux) and can be used with Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software or with the Iconasys Turntable Controller Software (which can integrate with 3rd party camera tethering applications including Capture One™ and Lightroom™). Additional info on both Iconasys software options is as follows:

360 product photography turntable software

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software

Shutter Stream 360 is a complete, end-to-end 360 Product Photography Software Suite that will integrate with an Iconasys Photography Turntable to automate 360 image capture. Shutter Stream 360 supports a long list of compatible cameras and is fully compatible on both Mac OS X and Windows. This software is unparalleled in terms of usability, efficiencies, features and functionality and we’ll guarantee, the most professional 360 Product Photography Software available in the market. Users simply connect their turntable and camera via USB to computer and will control the entire 360 product photography workflow via mouse clicks. Shutter Stream 360 Software highlights include:

  • Camera Control: Control all camera hardware commands (via mouse clicks through software). A large real time preview helps users center products/compose images (adjust camera settings for correct exposure: Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, ISO)/preview 360 rotations/adjust and set focal point/pre-crop etc.)
  • Automated 360 Image Capture + Image Upload: Integrates image capture with turntable movement in turn, stop, snap workflow (capture from 4 to over *11,500 frames/360 product rotation (pending turntable model)
  • Batch Image Editing Tools: Background removal, color correction, image enhancement tools applied in a batch process
  • Batch Image Processing + Output Tools: Resize, rename, resolution, format (JPG, RAW, PNG and/or TIFF)
  • 360 Product View Composition: Compose individual images into web-ready 360 product view in Interactive HTML, Interactive MP4, Animated GIF or MP4 Video output. 360 Product View’s offer many features (ex. Hotspot image tagging, deep zoom) and options for  user defined customization (ex. button style/color/location, rotation speed/direction etc.)
  • 360 Product Videos: Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software also includes an automated 360 Product Video recording mode that integrates camera start/stop record with turntable rotation start/stop.

When using Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software, users can expect to create web-ready 360 product images in about 5 minutes per product. This process includes 360 image composition, 360 product image capture, image editing, image processing and 360 product view composition.


360 Product Photography Turntable Software

Iconasys Turntable Controller Software

The Iconasys Turntable Controller Software is a great option for:

  • Those who do not have a camera that is compatible with Shutter Stream 360 Software
  • Those who prefer to work with an existing studio photography workflow software. For ex:
  • Those who wish to shoot RAW image format

The Turntable Controller software will support any camera that has Shutter Release capability. Users simply connect the 360 product photography turntable via USB to computer (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux compatible) and camera via Shutter Release cord to Turntable. The Iconasys Turntable controller software will  integrate directly with the turntable allowing users to control turntable position, speed, rotation direction and 360 Product Photography frame count (from 4 to over *11,500 frames (*pending turntable model)). When users hit ‘Start’ in the software, the software will control turntable movement in a turn, stop, snap workflow (capture command being sent from turntable through shutter release cable to camera after each turntable stop). Images will be captured to cameras storage disc (ex. SD Card). Users can expect to capture a 360 image set with 36 frames (1 shot every 10 degrees) in about 90 seconds (completely automated). 

All Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntable purchases include software with a perpetual license (no mandatory and recurring monthly/yearly fees), are completely unbranded (no Iconasys info or logo) and have no limitations. Purchases also include 1 year free premium technical support (via phone, chat, email and screen share).

Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntables

Looking for a professional 360 product photography turntable that will yield high quality, accurate 360 product image sets in minutes? Look no further. Iconasys out-competes all other 360 product photography turntables on the market by offering the fastest, most functional and best quality turntables available. Iconasys Turntable Highlights include:

  • Software Controlled: 360 Product Photography automation through software control
  • Unparalleled Accuracy: Iconasys turntables have at least 5X more accuracy than our closest competitor
  • Variable Speed: 10 different rotation speeds allows users to adjust spin rate for shooting different types of objects. Also a great feature for creating 360 Product Videos
  • Vibration Free: Eliminating vibrations is critical to avoid product movement in between steps. Iconasys turntable
  • Bi-Directional Control: Control turntable direction (clockwise / counter clockwise)
  • Unmatched Quality: We take pride in our solutions and understand by delivering the best, we’ll retain customer satisfaction and loyalty. We source the highest quality components and design our photography turntables to last
  • Industry Leading Warranties: Because we trust our products, we are able to offer the best product warranty in the industry
  • Wide Range of Accessories: Iconasys turntables include a wide range of 360 product photography accessories that include 360 Hanging Kits, Turntable Platform Extenders, and 360 Acrylic Risers (to eliminate shadows)
  • Great for shooting 360 Product Videos (see 360 product video examples)

Our line of photography turntables are available in 2 series and include 6 models ranging in size from a small, 360 gemstones & jewelry photography turntable to our 500 lbs capacity Platinum XL photography turntable:

Iconasys Silver Series 360 Product Photography Turntables

Our flagship and also most popular line, the Iconasys Silver Series 360 Product Photography Turntables make 360 product photography fast, efficient and easy for users of any skill level. These turntables are designed for small (jewelry & gemstones) to large products up to 40 lbs. The design of these turntables focused on providing a functional, precise and professional grade photography turntable at a low price while not compromise quality and longevity. Each turntable includes a digital stepper driver to provide highly accurate and smooth, vibration free rotation. Silver Series 360 Product Photography Turntables can be used with larger platforms to extend shooting surface size (for items with larger footprints).

360 jewelry photography turntable - silver small

Silver Series Jewelry Turntable
: 4″ (10cm) Diameter
(can be used with platform up to 11″ (28cm))
Weight Capacity: 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg)
Accuracy: 0.05 degrees
Shoot up to 6,400 frames/360

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360 product photography turntable - silver mid

Silver Series MID Turntable
: 11.75″ (25cm) Diameter
(can be used with platform up to 24″ (61cm))
Weight Capacity: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
Accuracy: 0.04 degrees
Shoot up to 8,520 frames/360

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360 product photography turntable - silver lrg

Silver Series LRG Turntable
: 17.75″ (45cm) Diameter
(can be used with platform up to 48″(122cm))
Weight Capacity: 40 lbs (18.1 kg)
Accuracy: 0.03 degrees
Shoot up to 11,520 frames/360

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Iconasys Platinum Series 360 Product Photography Turntables

The Iconasys Platinum Series 360 Product Photography Turntables are designed for users to easily and efficiently create high quality and web-ready 360 product views in just minutes. These turntables are designed with functionality in mind making them perfect for shooting both small (*ex. jewelry) and larger items. These heavy duty turntables are built of aerospace grade aluminum, include digital stepper drivers (precise, smooth, vibration free rotation) and have been designed for longevity with load supported platforms.  Turntable shooting platform can be extended to compensate for items with larger footprints (see 360 product photography workflow video).

360 product photography turntable - platinum lrg

Platinum Series LRG Turntable
: 22″ (56cm) Diameter
(can be used with platform up to 72″ (182cm))
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
Accuracy: 0.03 degrees
Shoot up to 13,062 frames/360

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360 product photography turntable - platinum xl

Platinum Series XL Turntable
: 22″ (56cm) Diameter
(can be used with platform up to 72″ (183cm))
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg)
Accuracy: 0.03 degrees
Shoot up to 11,200 frames/360

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360 photography turntable 350 wide

Manual 360 Product Photography Turntables

Our line of manual photography turntables are low-cost, professional grade photography turntables that will enable users to create high quality 360 product views on a budget.  All manual turntables include 72 laser cut guide markers around the circumference (every 5 degrees) to ensure for correct and even product positioning at each shooting angle. The turntables are optimal for shooting 4, 8, 12, 18, 24, 36 or 72 frames per 360. Turntables are hand crafted in the USA, platform material is high quality white acrylic and each are supported by a perfectly balanced acrylic lazy susan that is bonded the the base. When using Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software, users can expect to create web-ready 360 product views with 24 frames in about 5 minutes per product (How it Works Video)

360 Product Photography Turntable Accessories

Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntable accessories are designed to add additional functionality and capabilities to our turntable products.

360 product photography acrylic riser

360 Acrylic Riser
Shoot shadow free 360 product images. Available in multiple different sizes

360 product photography turntable platform extender

360 Platform Extender
Caster wheel extension arms to extend platform surface/shooting size. Compatible with Platinum LRG and XL turntables

360 product photography hanging kit

360 Hanging Kit
Designed for shooting suspended items in 360

360 product photography platform

Larger Turntable Platforms
Larger turntable platforms to extend turntable platform size. Available in multiple different sizes