Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software

360 Product Image Editing & Creation Software

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software is a stand-alone application designed for users to create professional grade, web-ready 360 product images. The software is developed for users whom already have a means of 360 image capture (photography turntable + camera). The resulting image set are simply imported into the software for batch image editing, processing, 360 product view creation and output.

Included in the software is an advanced image editing suite (background removal, color correction, image enhancement, overlay + crop etc…) that allows users to batch edit a set of images, batch process (renaming, resizing, resolution adjustment, watermark etc…) and then create a 360 product view that can be easily self hosted or uploaded directly to the Iconasys Stream hosting server.  The software is designed for users of any skill level, from first time photographer to seasoned professionals and will streamline the 360 image creation process – increasing workflow efficiencies by up to 1,000%. 360 product images can be output in various formats including interactive HTML5, interactive MP4, animated GIF and standard MP4 video – which support all selling and marketing channels (eCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc…). Users will have the ability to  customize the final 360 product image exactly per requirements with the user friendly 360 Product View Creator Software (included).

360 product view examples

360 product view creator overview video

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software Features:

  • Batch Image Editing:
    • Automated Background Removal, Magic Wand, Lasso (manual cut out), Chroma Key Background Removal, Overlay + Crop, Tilt, Color Correction, Levels, Curves, Add Canvas, Alignment & Image Enhancement
  • Batch Image Processing:
    • Save, Dynamic Save, Resizing, Renaming, Watermarking, Image Format (JPG, PNG, TIFF), Resolution (DPI) & FTP.
  • 360 Product View Output:
    • Interactive – Click and drag mouse control / Gesture control on mobile devices
    • Deep Zoom & Pan – Zoom in up close to view image in high detail
    • Hot Spot Image Tagging – Add interactive hot-spots on images to communicate additional features/functionality
    • Integrate into any Website – Using Embed Code (iFrame)
    • Fully Customizable – Choose player buttons/color, upload own buttons, set rotation speed, rotation direction, zoom in depth, mouse control click & drag speed etc.
    • Web/Mobile Viewing – Viewing supported on both web & mobile browsers (iOS, Android)
    • Analytics –  Insert Google Anayltics tracking ID to get real time data on 360 view interactions
    • Multi-Row 360 Composition – Create multi-row 360 product views (also called 3D product views) that support left/right & up/down mouse control
    • Easy Self Hosting – Upload 360 output to your own server
    • Cloud Hosting Service (optional) – Send 360 product views directly to the Iconasys Stream Server

360 Product Image Example Output

Desktop Microphone: 360 Spin Product View

Desktop Microphone
45 Frames + Dual Animation

360 Footwear Photography Example

Nike Golf Shoe
48 Frames + Hotspots

360 Jewelry Photography: 120 Frames Example

Silver Heart Ring
120 Frames / 360 Rotation

360 Spin Product View Example: Flower Necklace

Hanging Necklace
72 Frames / 360 Rotation

360° Product Image Output Format

Interactive HTML5

  • Click & Drag
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Mobile Responsive

    Interactive MP4

  • Click & Drag
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Mobile Responsive
  • File size 1/4 of HTML5 Output

        MP4 Video

  • Upload to Amazon/eBay
  • Easily host using 3rd party server
  • Mobile Responsive


  360 Animated GIF

  • Embed in Social Media outlets
  • Continuous spin

Creating Professional 360 Product Images Starts with Iconasys

Looking to take you 360 Product Images to the next level? The Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software allows users to add interactive hotspots to highlight specific product features & functionality (hotspots available for HTML5/Interactive MP4 output only). Hotspots are are simple to add using the wizard style editor and can be link to:

  • Additional Images (ex. 360 view of a shoe, add hotspot on top and bottom of shoe that link to a single image of a top down and sole view)
  • Text (ex. add additional text information that will be displayed when viewer clicks on hotpot)
  • Hyperlink to Video (ex. link a hotspot to a hosted video link that discusses the product)
  • Hyperlink to URL (ex. link to a buy now page)
  • Custom JavaScript (ex. call a custom javascript function)