360 Product View Creator Software

360° Product View Creator Software (included)

Included in the Shutter Stream 360 package is the ability to create 360 Product Views in HTML5+JavaScript format. Users simply drag and drop their set of images shot over a 360 rotation, customize the output based on preferences then output an interactive 360 product view that can then be self hosted and embedded into a website. Full list of features is as follows:

  • Interactive – Click and drag mouse control / Touch support on mobile devices
  • Deep Zoom & Pan – Zoom in up close to view image in high detail
  • Optimized Load Times – Dynamic image loading
  • Integrate into any Website – Using Embed Code (iFrame)
  • Fully Customizable – Choose what buttons to show, upload own buttons, set rotation speed, rotation direction, max zoom depth, mouse control click & drag speed, pre-loader color and start image.
  • HTML5/JavaScript Output – Viewing supported on both web & mobile browsers (iOS, Android)
  • Advanced 360 View Creator (not included with Shutter Stream 360) – Also includes Hot Spot Image Tagging (see example) and 3D multi-row image composition.

*The Iconasys 360 Product View Creator can also be purchased as a stand-alone software (request pricing).

360 product view example

Click to view additional 360 product view samples

Iconasys – 360 Product View Creator Software Features

Iconasys 360° Product View Creator software allows users to customize almost every aspect of the 360 viewer to match the look and feel of their website while also tailoring features and functionality the best you feel fit for your customers. After features have been set according to user preference, they are maintained inside the software so its as simple as upload a set of images and click Create. Below is a list of all features / functionality available in the software:


High Resolution Images

Users have the option to include the original high resolution images for deep zooming capability - which users can limit the depth of. Users can also enable mouse scroll wheel for zooming (optional).

Customizeable Player Buttons

Users have the ability to define the color or can upload their own set of custom buttons (Play/Pause, Zoom, Left/Right, Full Screen Viewing). Users can also define what buttons to show or omit in the 360 viewer.

Rotation Style

Users can define autoplay, a single 360 spin when loaded, no motion when loaded or to bounce back and forth (this is used for product views that are shot in a full 360 rotation).

Rotation Speed & Direction

Users have the ability to define the speed at which the 360 product views will spin.

Click & Drag Sensitivity

Users can define the sensitivity of the click and drag when viewing the animation.

Output Size

Users can define the frame size at which the 360 product view will be displayed in.

Additional 360° Product View Output Features


360 Product View Deep Zoom

Deep Zoom and Pan

Looking to give you customer access to view your products up close with Deep Zoom? Iconasys 360 Product View Creator software allows users to import images at any resolution then set the zoom level based on the original size images. Users can zoom on images using mouse wheel or a zoom slider bar then choose to pan or rotate when zoomed in.

Optimized Load Times

Users can define the frame size at which the 360 product view outputs in pixel width and height. Images are dynamically served to fit this frame size for faster load times.

iframe Output

iframe allows users to embed the 360 Product View into another HTML document (your website). By hosting your own 360 product views, you will not be required to pay any yearly or monthly hosting fees as is the case with some alternative 360 solutions.